• aX Software

    automationX Software is a state of the art solution designed to mimic the requirements of your plant. The software provides easy to modify human machine interface (HMI) ideal for a dynamic test environment.

  • aX Hardware

    Tight business integration, operation responsiveness, superior controls, abnormal situation management

    aX Server

    The heart of the automation system providing real-time control for the plant processes

    aX Network

    Communication handler between the aX Server, aX Client and the field instrumentation

    aX Clients

    Stations designed to be seamlessly used by operators with controlled access for each devision

  • aX Brew.. What's brewing?

    Powerful turn-key brewery automation solution starting from $0 upfront cost

  • Engineering Solutions

    automationX offers world class engineering solutions for a wide range of control systems including: Honeywell Experion, Siemens PLC, ABB, AllenBradly systems, and more.

  • Reap the benefits of modern automation

    Take a glimpse of what automationX can do for your operation

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