PBC1 Profibus Counter

The pbc1 is an intelligent Profibus slave which, depending on the application area, makes available serial protocols in thePBC1 Profibus DP network or autonomously executes fast counting functions.

-Various manufacturer-specific protocols
-Standard protocols (RS3964, RK512, ASCII)
-Several physical interfaces (RS232, RS422, RS485, TTY)
-Several counting functions
-Frequency and engine speed measurement
-Pulse dosing
-Profibus slave
-Configuration via mode switch

The pbc1 is a Profibus slave which, depending on the firmware, serves as a protocol converter or counter module. The great plus is that the required firmware can be loaded via the Profibus interface in connection with the automationX system.

Used as a protocol converter, aXpbc1 connects fire alarm systems, video cross bars, barcode scanners, scales, traffic control systems, multi-function measuring devices, only to name a few, via Profibus DP with the higher-level control systems.

Used as a fast counter module, you can chose between several endless counting functions, one-time counting functions, periodic counting functions, frequency measurement, engine speed measurement, dosing functions and period measurement.

Technical Data:

Order Number aXpbc1
Interfaces 1x Profibus DP Slave (9 pol. SUB-D), 9600 Bd…12 MBd, Adr. 0-99
1x serial (25 pol. SUB-D)
RS232, RS422, RS485, TTY
Inputs 8x 24 V DC (+10…+30 V / 5…15 mA)
Reverse voltage protection
Overload protection 26 V Varistor
max. input frequency 5 kHZ
min. pulse width 100 μs
Outputs 4x relay output 250 V AC 6A, 24 V DC 6A
Protective circuit with 250 VAC Varistor
Power Supply Supply voltage: 24 V DC (+12…+30 V)
Current consumption: max. 0,5 A
Protective circuit: 30 V Varistor
Reverse voltage protection
Dimensions 165x120x42mm (LxWxD)
Protection Class IP20
Ambient Area Working temperature: 0° C to +60° C
Storage temperature: -20° C to +70° C
Relative humidity: <90 % (not condensed)