aXLINK 100 Profibus Master

Ethernet is qucikly gaining popularity so automationX has developed the aXLINK100 to take full advantage. Available foraxlink100 199x300 use with automationX software, the aXlink100 connects Profibus and Ethernet networks in real time.

The aXLINK100 incorporates two Ethernet interfaces (8P8C /RJ45 or optic fibre options) as well as a Profibus-DP master interface. These interfaces allow for multiple system and network configurations.

The aXLINK100 configures an electrical ring via CAT5 cabling or a network and/or server redundancy via switches in a star network layout. It is possible to link up to 16 Profibus Master Nodes (aXlink100) with up to 124 Profibus-DP slaves per unit to automationX.

aXLINK100 Features:
Real-Time protocol (Xlink)
High bandwith
Redundancy capable
Shockproof redundancy change-over
Different topologies application (line, ring, tree, tree topology redundant)
Ring topology without expensive optic fibre cabling
Up to 16 aXlink100 per automationX system
Redundant power supply 24V DC
Exchangeable without configuration (address switch)
Diagnostics via LED and protocol
Top hat rail mounting
Driver/Class software for automationX version 4.7 onward
Other drivers on request

CPU: netX (200MHzARM9)
System Memory: Micro-SD-Karte
Interfaces: 2 x Ethernet (RJ45 socket) 100 Mbit/s,
1 x Profibus (9pol.sub-D-socket f.) up to 12 MBaud,
Other protocols on request
Power Supply: Supply voltage 14-30V DC
Average current consumption 0,15A
Power consumption 8,2W
Dimensions: 105 x 45 x 118 mm
Protection Class: IP 20
Ambient Area: Working temperature: -10°C bis 70°C,
Storage temperature: -20°C bis 80°C,
Relative humidity: <90% (not condensed)