aX Software Products

Total Control in Real Time.When you need to do real things, such as pump, mix, grind, convey, manufacture, build, or monitor, aX server software is the high-performance, feature-rich solution. The aX Server Soft PLS (DCS+PLC+MMI) 50 to 5000 license point system allows size and price scaling to match your needs. Choose small to large scale systems with an upgradeable license. aX Server Complies with international specifications for Soft-PLC Systems

Prep Your Secret FormulaOrganize, improve, and execute recipes made from a library of equipment and ingredients, wet or dry. Enjoy flexibility to change on-the-fly or workaround issues should they arise. Store complete historical production data for weeks, months or years. aX Batch complies with international specifications for batch systems.
aX Production

Plan Ahead and Analyze ResultsAdd-on tools for production planning, scheduling, management, and full statistical and historical analysis.